How To Treat Foot Neuroma Naturally

Morton’s neuroma is a very painful foot condition that can interfere with the way you walk and leave you unable to enjoy living a normal life. It is hard to enjoy life when it hurts to walk and foot neuroma can make it almost impossible to get around. While conventional doctors often suggest foot surgery to treat this condition, The Center for Morton’s Neuroma offers many natural treatments that will stop your pain without surgery. Read on to learn more about Morton’s neuroma and how to treat it naturally.

If you have this condition, you feel like you are walking around with a rock stuck in your shoe. The pain can range from a dull, throbbing pain, to a pain that is so intense that it prevents you from putting any weight on your foot. Neuroma is very painful and it is caused by nerves thickening in your foot.

You might end up with neuroma if you are overweight because the weight of your body places your feet under more pressure. You are also more prone to neuroma if you wear high heels or tight shoes. Some sports that require repetitive foot movement are also going to increase your chances of getting this disorder.

If your foot neuroma is interfering with your daily life you will want to make an appointment with The Center for Morton’s Neuroma so you can get treated. They use a variety of natural methods to help you heal from this disease and the methods they use are very effective.

When you make an appoint with The Center for Morton’s Neuroma, the doctor is going to go over your medical history and will examine your foot. The doctor is going to develop a customized treatment plan that is going to reduce the nerve pressure that is causing the pain. The doctor is going to try custom orthotics first. You put the orthotic in your shoe and it will relieve the pressure on your foot so the pain goes away.

Orthotics usually work right away but sometimes the pain still persists. If you still have pain, you might need a cortisone shot or another type of injection that is going to reduce the swelling and relieve the pressure on the nerve. When you reduce the pressure, the nerve can heal and you don’t feel all of the pain.

If none of the natural methods work, you might have to have surgery. If surgery is needed the doctor will sever the nerve so you won’t feel any pain or irritation anymore. There are many different techniques that can be done for Morton’s neuroma and you need to spend time to find the technique that is going to work best for your needs.

Foot neuroma can be painful and it is something that you need to get rid of right away if you have it. Visit The Center for Morton’s Neuroma if you need to heal from this painful condition. You can recover from neuroma without surgery when you use natural methods.